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1 June 2021 NEW - I'm happy to report that since I've upgraded to the most current version of Abyss Web Server 2.14 my quirky issues have resolved themselves!

23 May 2021 - My how time flies. The version of the webserver software I'm running was over 10-years old. Guess I shouldn't have been suprised that it seemed to be running a bit flakey.. after-all, just look at how much Windows changed over the past decade?

I did use this opportunity to evaluate other options but just the fact that this software has performed well for many years and is still being supported weighed heavily on my decision to stick with what I have.

Also of note... working on my LOTRO Fan Page where I will keep you updated on my virtual life within the Lord of the Rings Online game. It's clearly Under Constructin at the moment.

18 May 2021 - It looks like strike two for FREENOM.COM as I had realized I never configured my domains to accept subdomains. (You know, like the www you usually see. To make life easier (and make for future expansion easy as well) I wanted to configure a wildcard for the subdomain field so that no matter what you'd preceed the main domain with, the information would get passed along to the server where I can do whatever with. But FREENOM doesn't support wildcards. Very disappointed.

16 May 2021 - I was going to pick up some more domains today over at FREENOM.COM but no matter what domain name I keyed in, it showed as unavailable. I only have one primary domain registered with them but honestly I'm thinking about transferring it over to another registrar. One of the deciding factors pushing me in that direction is that their profiles on both Twitter and Facebook haven't been updated since November 2016

15 May 2021 - Expect a bit of turbulance and turmoil on my webpages again. My brain seems to be acting up again and staying on-track is once again proving to be difficult. I've been experimenting with various techniques to keep myself mentally focused but results have been mixed.

Don't They Look?

9 June 2021 NEW - I'm still getting Pakastani Call-Centers ringing me up and trying to sell web design for my products and business!It should be abundantly clear with one quick view of this website that it is very unlikely I'd actually want to spend any money on its design.. clearly this looks like an amature / hobby site... no?

I know they're just harvesting names and numbers from new domain registrations but I would think any person or business that has gone through the motions of actually registering a domain name most likely has someone tasks with taking care of it. The opportunity to capture legit businesses has already passed at the point of registration. Let's face it... the average joe entrepreneur probably has no idea about the domain regisration process.

Project Ideas

1 June 2021 - Keep an eye on this spot. I'm going to to start logging all my random ideas for various project I want to do. Inclusion on this list doesn't mean I'll actually do them, but at least I have a place to jot down ideas as I have them. If something catches your fancy feel free to run with it and work on it yourself. The Internet is all about sharing thoughts and ideas afterall!

They're All Bots!

23 May 2021 - All traffic is good traffic when it comes to websites, right? One school of thought is that if you find your site regularly crawled by bots that it's an indication that your URL is being passed along out in the ether and that ultimately will result in views.

While I agree with that statement for the most part it also leaves me a bit frustrated that most of these crawlers aren't part of some academic research but rather part of a commercial service that sells the result as part of some SEO product.

Part of me has the urge to block these capitalistic leaches (and it takes a lot for me to use that term.. I fully believe and support capitalism). But the other part of me knows that links to my content are being passed along and that bot traffic does eventually lead to human traffic. After-all, we're not yet to the point where bots have any conciousness and really care about the content... right?

For what its worth, I am pleased to believe that my hand-crafted and minimalist approach to website creation is enouraging this behaviour. If you disagree.. simply view the source of this page, then create a simple document in Microsoft Word and do a save as HTML document. Compare the two source codes side by side and you don't have to be a software engineer to figure out which site is more friendly towards automation.

Stop screwing with HTML!

22 May 2021 - Just no... I was watching a presentation on YouTube from a Google Chrome Developer talking about the future of web desisgn and how new elements will present content based on user preferences. We've always had this, on the client side users can already define the default visual elements of a web page. We don't need any magical server-side trickery to keep track of a users font and color preferences, it's always been baked in.

Perhaps there would be an option for hybrid browser based skinning but this really should have nothing to do with the content side. From a web authoring perspective, we already are (or should be) defining headlines, sub-headings, link information, etc., since HTML is actually responsive by design, there's no reason user can't simply control how it's being presented on their end.

Oh Dear... May Actually Start-Over

20 May 2021 - So I'm most likely in a brain-damage induced state of paranoia... but dependencies (in the context of web-design) are really weighing heavy on mind. Even though these pages are very minimalistic I'm relying on a few server tricks as shortcuts.

This was spawned from a minor glitch I had with my current webserver which reminded me of hosting issues I've had in the past when I used a traditional hosting company. What I really want to ensure is that should the need arise to re-locate the physical hosting of my site, that it should really be a simple copy/paste into the data path of a new server with very minimal configuration efforts.

Since my sites (by design) are as responsive and device independant as possible, there's no reason I should be relying on any one particular piece of software for the distriubtion of it.

That said, don't be suprised to encounter a few under construction messages across my sites.

Wow - Found a (dot)Website on Google!

19 May 2021 NEW - I guess I'm going to back-peddle a bit and change my opinion regarding generic top-level domains. Up until today I have never encountered anything other than the usual .COM, .NET, .ORG domain names while doing standard web searches. But today, I was looking for some ANSI-Art examples and the domain asciiart.website showed up as the 4th entry when using Google.

In the past I have experimented with a few of these new TLDs and they flew completely under the radar of any search engines. I would always have to manually invoke a forced indexing and still wouldn't be able to get any valid search results. I'm guessing that it just has taken that much time for the new names to finally filter into the system.

No, never Wordpress

15 May 2021 - Just briefly scanning my logs tell me that Wordpress is one of the last CMS programs I'd consider using. Clearly its popularity draws daily bot attempt. While I'm sure it's secure for the most part, vulnerabilities pop up and the chances of a successful attact are likely.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Wordpress in general.. I've used it on many sites in the past. Of course when I did, I wasn't aware and just how under attack of a product it is and this site in particular really wouldn't benefit much from the features it would bring.

What Happened to the Personal Homepage?

2 May 2021 - Reminiscing again about the 'old days' I took to Google to see if I can find any more hold-backs to the old days when we all had a Geocities page or some other form of hand-coded property on 'the Web'. Was a bit taken back when a search for 'Personal Homepage' mostly revealed a listing of commercial banking sites!

Is this a result of agressive SEO optimization or just a search algorhythm run afoul? I don't have the answer but it seems to me that if there was a moving back towards the 'personal web' that it may not be so difficult to recapture these search terms and actually having a bit of a shot for exposure.

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