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So Clearly…  Things have changed again.  The one good thing about dealing with brain damage is that I can blame it for all my eccentricities.  I’ve abandoned my strict “standards” methodology of web page design for my own unique free-flowing flavor.  Let’s just say it’s “Lunatics Prerogative” :)
14 August 2021 - As with previous incarnations of this domain, I will be focusing on various projects and ideas within this site and as usual, it is perpetuated by a recent up-tick in my cognitive activities.  No promises that it will ever achieve any level of completeness but will certainly give me some much needed cerebral exercise. My interest in the M5 Stack family of development boards is the catalyst of my current interest.  I have no specific project in mind but suffice it to say that the possibilities are endless in this environment.  More than likely, my initial projects will be simple and aimed at familiarization since I’ve never worked with these products before.
18 August 2021 - As I go about my normal day and do my things, random thoughts are constantly popping into my head.  Unfortunately they pop out of my head almost as quickly as they enter.  I will attempt to at least make note of them here for future reference. Note that just because an idea may land on this list, there’s no commitment on my part to actually work on it.  They are simply ideas that may warrant future thought-cultivation. Cane Computer: An ESP32 based / Arduino device with some form of autonomous connectivity.  Some simple functions would include a Clock, Shopping List, Flashlight, Locater Beacon. Iconia Server: Re-purpose an old Windows tablet to function as a basic IOT server.
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