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6 May 2021 - Twitter's fixed, I'm back! Well... sort of... seems I have a new addiction now... Lord of the Rings Online. It is totally sucking up every free moment I have and as usual my brain is overflowing with grandiose ideas. Of course at some point expect to find a web page or two dedicated to this endeavour until something else side-tracks me. LOLz

1 May 2021 - Twitter doesn't seem to be cooperating with me at the moment. 2FA is not sending out the confirmation code I need to log into my account. Have a support ticket it but yea.. won't hold my breath on that. Just another reason we need to take back the net and provide for ourselves. Relying on outside companies for our communications isn't always such a good idea especially when you're just a little guy without much weight to throw around. If we maintain our own servers at least we have the direct control to take action immediately and begin the resolution process.

29 April 2021 - Well that was a pain... I stopped publishing IP addresses of rogue servers I was blocking simply because it was quickly turning into a monumental task. As it is, I'm still wrestling with the hand coding part. I have to consider that it makes the task of maintain a website much more difficult while adding no esthetic value to it. It is however, satisfying.

26 April 2021 - Add a new test accross all sites. I am now running Google's Mobile Friendly test to ensure mobile functionality.

22 April 2021 - I have to admit, several more times I have considered going back to a WYSIWYG approach to my websites. It's sad that I have lost all trust in most commercial products to work that way. I've even considered a CMS approach, perhaps using Wordpress but inevitably I'll fall prey to various plug-ins that will eventually break during an update and swing me right back into frustration mode.

In other news.... part of my income-tax refund has appeared in my account. Now I'm also fighting the urge to purchase something. Of course there's really nothing that I need or (reasonably) desire, but still... I want a new toy!

19 April 2021 - For a brief moment I almost reverted back to using Adobe Products on this site but fortunately came back to my senses. Price was a primary issue, the thought of entering a software subscription plan just doesn't sit well with me combined with the fact that I'd be dependant on Adobe's maintenance of the product. Remember, I once believed that Adobe Muse was going to be here forever and we all know how that worked out. Since NOTEPAD is just a generic text editor, I'm very confident that as long as Windows PC's are a thing I'll be able to quickly find a suitable text editor for the task.

Ahh... minor appiphony! Being frustrated by seeing bot attacks in the web logs I was blocking malicious sites by IP address when I really should have just been blocking the probes from the .htaccess file.

15 April 2021 - That's another domain back in development, let's see if I can keep this trend going.

What Happened to the Personal Homepage?

2 May 2021 -Reminiscing again about the 'old days' I took to Google to see if I can find any more hold-backs to the old days when we all had a Geocities page or some other form of hand-coded property on 'the Web'. Was a bit taken back when a search for 'Personal Homepage' mostly revealed a listing of commercial banking sites!

Is this a result of agressive SEO optimization or just a search algorhythm run afoul? I don't have the answer but it seems to me that if there was a moving back towards the 'personal web' that it may not be so difficult to recapture these search terms and actually having a bit of a shot for exposure.

Why I Do It?

29 April 2021 -So, clearly it would be far easier to just contract with a traditional hosting company to take care of all the technical aspects of running a website and only worry about content... but I just keep on hearing too many horror stories about how corporate beurocracy can run a foul and make life difficult for us little guys.

For example, here's a story posted on YouTube from an artist that had a copyright claim taken out against his own original material! Click the image on the left for the full story... but the Internet is filled with similar stories.

Now I get that mistakes happen but far too often with the handful of mega-companies in charge of the vast majority of online content there is very little hope in getting in contact with an actual person to resolve these issues unless you yourself are one of these large, celebrity level content creators. Little guys like me simply have no klout at all in these matters. The only thing I can do is to be my own Internet providor to the greatest extent that is practical. Hence, I host my own servers and maintain most of my own network management. Sure, legal entities could still intervene, perhaps by cutting off my source of my Internet connection but at least that would be a local source where I can in-fact actually contact (or even visit) an actual person to get things resolved.

The Hardware

OMEN by HP Obelisk Desktop 875

Intel Core i7-8700 @ 3.20 Ghz 16 GB SSD:250GB HD1:1TB HD2:700GB HD3:1TB - This is the main CPU and currently only PC that is functioning as the webserver as well as my 'daily driver' for my everyday workflow.

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